Invited Speakers

WOCSDICE Invited Speakers

Enrico Bellotti, Boston Un., USA  "Semiconductor Transport Properties and Power Devices
Using III-Nitrides"
Frederic Cayrel, GREMAN, CNRS, France "Challenges for Schottky rectifiers on GaN grown on Silicon"
Charalambos Dimitriadis, Aristotle Un. of Thessaloniki, Greece "FinFETs: compact modeling - low frequency noise"
José A. Garrido, Walter Schottky Institut, Germany “Graphene Biosensors”
Omid Habibpour, Chalmers Un, Sweden "Graphene Electronics"
Masataka Higashiwaki, NICT, Japan "GaO-based Power Devices"
Debdeep Jena, Un. Notre Dame, USA "Low Power Devices"
Michele Muccini, CNR, Italy "Organic devices: the Organic Light Emitting Transistor"
Manijeh Razeghi, Northwestern University, USA "III-Nitride based Semiconductor for Optoelectronic Devices: From Deep UV(200nm) to THz (300 microns)"
Fabrizio Roccaforte, CNR, Italy "Design Concept for Reliable 4H-SiC MOSFET"
Pavlos Savvidis, FORTH/Un. Crete, Greece "Polaritonic Devices"
Tsutomu Uesugi, TOYOTA Central R&D Labs, Japan "Advanced GaN Power Devices for Automotive Applications"

EXMATEC Invited Speakers

Aris Christou, Un. Maryland, USA "Crystal Defects in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors"
Athanasios Dimoulas, NCSR "Demokritos", Greece "Two dimensional crystals for nanoelectronics"
Mike Dudley, SUNY Stony Brook, USA "Characterization of Dislocations in Semiconductors"
Norbert Esser, ISAS, Germany "Advanced of Optical Polarization Spectroscopy Methods"
Kestutis Jarasiunas, Vilnius University, Lithuania "Monitoring  of carrier dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures by nonlinear optical and holographic techniques"
Jan Kuzmik, IEE SAS, Slovakia "Material aspects in developing normally-off GaN-based transistors"
Suzanne Mohney, Penn State Univ., USA Influence of Interfacial Reactions on the Resistance of Contacts to III-V, III-N and Group IV Semiconductors
Maki Suemitsu, Tohoku Univ., Japan "Graphene based Electronic & Photonic Devices,
Circuits and Systems"
Stephen Sweeney, Surrey University, UK "III-Bismides: promising new semiconductors for efficient photonic devices"